London undressed

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Lingerie lover

A lingerie guide to London

Whilst London is not always cited as the go to city for all things seductive there are certain hidden treasures that promise bountiful offerings for any lingerie lover. I give you my very personal top five.

5. What Katie Did This specialist lingerie boutique offers a plethora of faux vintage lingerie, from ‘40s bullet bras to ‘50s French Knickers. Charmingly displaced from the swarm that is Portobello Road, the discreet location in Notting Hill makes for a quiet and personalized shopping experience.

4. Rigby & Peller No less than corsetiere to the Queen herself, this Mayfair store offers unparalleled expertise in bra fitting. Appointments should be booked in advance as there is an exceptional demand for the skills of each fitter.

3. Selfridges The iconic London department store boasts a diversified collection of brands to suit most price tags, from Mimi Holiday to Myla. And once you’re already on the third floor, it would be rude not to sneak over to their contemporary designers section.

2. Agent Provocateur Though an international brand, the original Soho store will not disappoint on its iconic status. The range of underwear available will delight all, from the demure to the downright raunchy. The staff are both knowledgeable and helpful, creating an air of decadent comfort as you shop for your most intimate apparel.

1. Coco de Mer This erotic emporium in Covent Garden displays a boudoir aesthetic. From the maroon velvet curtains to the ‘peephole style’ changing rooms this is one location guaranteed to bring out the hedonist in you. Not for the faint-hearted this Aladdin’s cave of sauciness is every lingerie lovers naughty dream.


Hello, it’s me

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DTF self portrait

Hello readers, though I have been spreading my words and love across other platforms recently I have returned to my beloved personal project Modish Notion. Though my final term at university will no doubt be focused on weeping under my covers over my dissertation, I will aim to make time to provide you with my sartorial musings as often as I can. I hope you enjoy what’s to come and check out my blog for my final project I’m not a feminist I shave my legs, which explores the stigma surrounding feminism in our generation.

App idea: The Book Club

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As I said in a previous post I had an idea to create a social networking application that focused on targeting a niche audience. I wanted to do something based around fashion but I realised that there already a few apps on the market, even some quite good ones. SO I decided to explore on of my other interests; reading. Of-course, most of us like to read and may if us enjoy nothing more than casually dropping into conversation just how well-read we are. This is my initial proposal:

The Book Club is an app which brings together a classic pastime and your social network. This social networking application allows you to share your favourite reads and create a community around them.

Each user shall create a profile featuring their photo, location, favourite authors/ quotes. They can add all the books they have read, using tags of authors, genres and medium. They can then write a small review on what they have read. Other users may comment on the activity of others to create discussion. Much like Twitter you can follow other users, as well as certain tags to create a personalised feed.

The main feature will be a live geo-tagging map. People can geo-tag their reading locations using location technology, sharing their favourite spots. Users can also follow tagged locations in their feed and have the option to create groups, based on shared interests or locations, this will then allow them to create actual book clubs.